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What Happens When Porn GIFS Go Viral

As it often happens on the world wide web, there are certain things that can go viral in an instant. It could be a sex pic of a celebrity, an embarrassing or funny animated GIF image or even a porn GIF. But once things go viral, there is no turning back. This is what happens when porn GIFS go viral. For many famous people, it can be a blessing or a nightmare. Which of the two largely depends on the celebrity, why it happened and the situation.


Social Media and Sharing

In today’s world, a celebrity sex pic or porn GIF image can be shared by just one person. But in an instant, the number of shares can rise to millions. That is all the result of social media platforms. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit can make or break a sex picture, porn GIF or anything else that’s being shared. This is why so many celebrities and famous people use social media to reach their fans. And millions of others who may not even care for them. Once a porn GIF image or a sex pic has been shared on social media, the floodgates open.

All it takes is a friend of a friend to send the sex pic or gif porn to another friend and the sharing begins. If a famous person shares the sex pictures or whatever else, then it can spread even faster. Even political animated GIF images can end up going viral really fast. President Donald Trump has become one of the most ridiculed and talked about U.S. presidents in history. There are millions of animated GIFS about him on the internet today. You can even find some porn GIFS images of Donald Trump. There are also some sex pics of his beautiful model wife, Melania Trump. Since she once posed nude or semi-nude before she married him, those sex pics have become more famous now that she is first lady.


Celebrity Sex Pics Go Viral

When it comes to how fast something can go viral on the internet, nothing can spread faster than celebrity sex pics or porn GIFS images of famous people. In fact, many celebs have become famous due to their sex pics or gifs of porn going viral.

Paris Hilton was only the daughter of a billionaire at one time. Truth is, hardly no one outside her circle really knew her. Then, one day, a sex tape of her was leaked on the internet. In a flash, Paris Hilton became a star and a celebrity. She was everywhere and people finally knew about her. It was her sex pictures and porn GIFS from the sex videos which made her famous. Paris began appearing in movies, TV shows and even selling her own brand of clothes and perfume. For Paris Hilton, her sex pics and animated gifs of porn going viral was a great success. Even though they were an embarrassment to her family, she did not care.

Another celebrity who has used the internet’s virality for her advantage is Kim Kardashian. Her celebrity sex tape made her a celebrity when she was hardly known. Back then, Kim Kardashian was not followed by more than 100K people on sites such as Twitter or Instagram. But once her sex pics and porn gifs began to spread, she became an instant overnight sensation. KK has over 20 million followers on social media sites now. Many people used Kim’s sex tape to make animated GIFS of porn. They also created several sex pictures that showed her getting banged from behind and all sides. Instead of Kim Kardashian feeling embarrassed by the sex pics and porn GIFS, she reveled in the attention.


Fame From Sex Pics & Porn GIFS

Ever since then, Kim Kardashian has been posting all kinds of sex pictures on the internet for her fans, and the rest of the world to see. In fact, the entire Kardashian family has been riding the wave created by her sex pics going viral. Her sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kourney Kardashian, Kris Jenner and even Bruce Jenner have become more famous. Kim’s two beautiful younger sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, have also begun to post racy images of themselves on social media.

For other celebs, some of the sex pics or porn GIFS of them that went viral resulted in the opposite. These celebs were none too happy to see themselves being shared all over the internet while they were nude or having sex. Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Kate Hudson and a few others, are just a few of those celebs. The difference for these celebrities whose sex pics were leaked, is that most of them were already famous and wealthy beforehand.

Fans and people who love celebrity sex tapes, sex pictures and porn GIFS images are winners as well. To them, they can get to see their favorite stars nude just because something went viral on the internet.